Brisbanes Best Paintballing Experience

Paintball Samford has the best paintball bargains in Brisbane.

Paintball at it's finest in Brisbane.

The action at Paintball Samford is awe-inspiring. The Iron Dome and Battle Bunker have sent Paintball to a whole new level!
Experience the fun, the rush, the exhilaration, that is Paintball Samford.
Multiple battlefields, featured special effects and real world armoured military vehicles.
Urban and Wilderness Combat Zones and mind blowing Fort complexes. Pill boxes, fortified positions and base camps.
Intricate trench and tunnel networks, multiple bridges and so much more.

Brisbane’s paintball Leaders. Setting the standard the others try to obtain.
Join the battle today!

Fun Fact: Paintball and Skirmish different word for the same game.

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Some of Paintball Samford's Best Battlefields

Big themed battlefields with a 189 Square Meter Fort with 3 fighting levels and 6 Towers protected by interconnecting Interactive Mechatronic Battle Bunkers and The Iron Dome. Over 100 meters of Tunnels, Barricades, Firing posts, and Bunkers.

Massive 189sqm Fortress

Fortified Battle Zones

Over 100m of Tunnels

Battle Over The Best Maps

Mechatronic Iron Dome

Fully Interactive

9 Assault Bridges

Battle Over The Best Maps

Paintball Samford is where paintball started in Brisbane back in 1988

Experience paintball that is fun…the rush… the exhilaration… the elevated heart rate… the adrenalin

No other paintball field has what Paintball Samford has! The Battle Bunker and the Iron Dome

Multiple battlefields featuring real armoured military vehicles and special effects

Urban Combat and Wilderness Zones, Massive Fort complexes, Fortified positions and Base camps, Pill boxes.

Multiple bridges, Tunnel networks, Trench systems and a whole lot more

Paintball Samford, Brisbane’s paintball Leaders…the place to play paintball

Just in case your wondering… Skirmish and Paintball are just different words for the same game

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June/July Special - Save $15

$85 includes 600 Paintballs Camo Uniform Paintball Gun Ammo Belt Field Fees Goggles

Everything you need to play!

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