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  • Fort Fight is a fortified combat zone
  • A 189 square metre fortress
  • 3 Elevated levels to defend from
  • 6 Towers
  • Intricate layered defences
  • Bunkers and field fortifications
  • Real world military vehicles
  • The Grand Slam Missile
  • Featuring the Mechatronic Battle bunker and Iron Dome

The legendary Fortress dominates the battlefield at Skirmish Samford and is the only one of its kind in Australia. A massive purpose built structure which never fails to live up to its legendary reputation. This Fortress with its three levels of fighting platforms has to be seen to be believed. Photos cannot do it justice!

The Fortress is a professionally built structure, built specifically for paintballing action consisting of 6 high towers with ramps that feed the players up to the different fighting levels. The Fortress’ high walls and commanding towers are linked by gangways to protect the doorways, completing the defences. A system of outer bunkers and trenches completely surround the Fortress making it one tough nut to crack.

In addition the fortress has an elaborate system of outer defences, trenches, pill boxes and bunkers to challenge teams. Games that can be played on this exciting field are many and varied and limited only to our imagination making sure that Paintballers never tire of the action and excitement of the Fort Fight.

Lots of fields claim to have a fort but here at Skirmish Samford we have "THE FORTRESS".

skirmish samford paintball fort field skirmish samford paintball fort field top view skirmish samford paintball defending fort skirmish samford paintball long shot on fort field
skirmish samford paintball fort defence plan skirmish samford paintball fort field attack skirmish samford paintball fort field girl defence skirmish samford paintball fort field lone wolf