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  • Bridge Assault is a Wilderness combat zone
  • 60 metre fortified dam wall
  • 4 Assault Bridges
  • Real world Military hardware
  • Strong fortified positions

It's balls to the walls action on the Bridge Assault map, you won't believe your eyes. You'll have so much fun that you'll need a steel brush to get the smile off your face.

We've devised a new and devilish game called "THE GUNS OF NAVARONE" to play on the new layout of the "Bridge Assault" field. We have got a few finishing touches to do to the "Bridge Assault" field such as final touches to the gun emplacement and gun, but with the dam filling and the gullies soon to flood, the bridges field looks set to take on a whole new life. So get ready for "THE GUNS OF NAVARONE"... it will blow you away

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samford paintball two player bridge attack samford paintball multiple player bridge defence samford paintball bridge over water skirmish samford paintball single player bridge attack