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Fort Fight

Each team will take turns defending the fort from the other 2 teams and the team that holds the fort the longest will be the winner. Victory will be when all the 10 victory stations that will be located in and around the Fortress and Fort field are held by the attackers. With a 2 to 1 advantage the attackers will win the only thing that matters is how long the defenders can hold on for. It is going to be a battle, but strong defensive positions will level it out a fair bit. This one is straight up a fight, no story line, no scenario just balls to the wall defence against the odds. A game could be 10mins or 2 hours, it's going to be great and something that over the years will get bigger and better. It makes sense for Samford to have this as the field is perfect for it. That fort commanding the high ground is going to be tough to take, but the attackers can attack from any direction and the defenders will need a floating defence to buy as much time as possible. .


4play: This is our entry level tournament where we randomly pick teams. Each team consists of 1 Novice, 1 Amateur, 1 Semi-Pro and 1 Pro Player. The idea of these tournaments is for players to have a fun day playing as well as getting some experience playing with guys who have been playing for years.
Samford Race Day: This tournament is a team based tournament. It doesn't matter if you don't have a team though, because we can arrange for you to join a team for the day. This is a fast paced tournament where teams have 7 minutes to reach 3 points.

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