Paintball Samford Paintball Gear shop

Paintballing at Paintball Samford and you want some personal gear well we have it on site for you

  Description Price   Descrption Price
Grion Cup Grion Cup $5.00 Jt Raptor Goggle Jt Raptor Goggle with Single Lense S32.00
Fingerless gloves Fingerless Gloves $5.00 Jt Headshield Jt Head Sheild with Single Lens $37.00
Neck Guard Neck Guard $3.00 Jt Proshield Jt Proshield black or olivewith thermal lenss $59.00
Asset protection pack

Asset Protection Pack

includes groin cup, neck protector and fingerless goloves

$15.00 Jt Flex8 Jt Flex8 black or olive with thermal lens $69.00
Bt Chest Protector

If you want your own personel under armour for playing this is it

$55.00 Jt Flex8 full headshiled Jt Flex8 Full coverage black or olive with thermal lens $99.00
Invert avatar

Invert Avatar black or Olive with thermal lens.

$50.00 Jt vortex fan 2

Jt Vortex Fan 2

Fitts all the above Jt Googles